Hire Terms & Conditions


Hire Limitation
Details of all drivers and tow vehicles need to be recorded on the hire agreement.
All vehicles need to be registered in Australia and covered by comprehensive insurance.
All drivers must hold a full unrestricted Australian Driver’s Licence and be aged between 25 and 75 years, and have held that Licence for not less than 2 years.
We will need to sight Drivers Licence’s & your vehicle’s comprehensive insurance documentation at pick-up.
You must disclose to us if you or any drivers have been convicted of any driving offence or been refused motor vehicle insurance in the past 5 years – any such person may not, without our specific written consent first given, be an approved driver.
We reserve the right to refuse to allow a specific driver to be allowed to tow the Caravan at our discretion.
Towing of our Caravan on unsealed roads is prohibited unless by prior written agreement.
You are not allowed to sublease the Caravan or any of the equipment supplied with it.

Tow Vehicles
It is your responsibility to ensure :-
That the tow vehicle is legally allowed to tow the Caravan. Specifically, but not limited to, regarding to the ball weight and ATM capabilities of the vehicle.
That the tow vehicle has a fully functional trailer connector.
That the tow vehicle is compliant to all road rules and regulations.
We reserve the right to refuse a hire and prevent the Caravan from leaving our premises if we suspect any of the above conditions are not being met. We will treat this as a “no show” in this instance.
Terms of Payment
Bookings are only secured and confirmed upon receipt of the deposit payment.
A deposit of 50% of the full hire cost is payable as a deposit within 48 hours of Booking Request Approval.
Full payment for the hire period is required 30 days prior to the pickup date.
A Security Bond of $1,000 is also required for each Caravan hire. The Bond payable can be reduced to $500 by paying an extra $20.00 per day (on top of the daily caravan hire rate).This is payable by cash (on the day of van pick up) or by EFT (funds must be cleared into account 48 hours prior to departure date). The Security Bond is refunded to you via EFT within 7 days of your return, subject to the Caravan & its Inventory being returned on the drop-off date and time, fully intact and undamaged. In the event there is damage to the Caravan internally or externally, this time may be extended until a Qualified Repairer can assess the damage.
We may cancel the Hire Agreement at any time should the Terms of Payment be contravened and may withhold the deposit.

Cancellation Fees
The following cancellation fees apply
i. Over 30 days prior to pick-up date – 10% of the full rental charges
ii. Between 15-29 days of pick-up date – 25% of the full rental charges
iii. Between 8-14 days of pick-up date – 50% of the full rental charges
iv. Between 1-7 days of pick-up date – no refund available
v. On the day of pick-up or “no show” – no refund available
In the case of cancellation, the above Cancellation Fees apply & a $50 administrative fee will be deducted from any rental fees due to be refunded to the Hirer.
We reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time should the Caravan become unroadworthy or unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances thereby impacting on our inventory and ability to satisfy your booking. If an alternative Caravan cannot be offered to you in accordance with your requirements as set out in this Agreement, a full refund of your booking fee will be given.
We will terminate the hire if any of these Terms and Conditions are breached or the Caravan is being used in an illegal or unsafe manner.

We always recommend Hirers take out Travel Insurance for the period of their booking with us, as we do not provide any refund to Hirers due to personal accident or illness which results in the cancellation of your trip either during the trip or 7 days or less before the commencement of your booking.

You are responsible for any damage to the Caravan and accessories regardless of the cause of the damage/loss. The Caravan is insured but any costs not covered by the insurance must be paid for by yourself.
You are responsible for any damage caused by your vehicle of the Caravan while on hire.
Other than fair wear and tear to the tyres and rims, all other damage (e.g. punctures, blowouts) must be repaired at your expense.
You must not tamper with, alter or make modifications to the interior or exterior of the Caravan.
You must not store, accommodate or transport any hard items inside or on any bed surface, bench or floor of our Caravan, including but not limited to bags, camping chairs, BBQ, gas bottle, metal esky or portable fridge or generators where this is liable to cause damage to any floor covering, finish or furniture. Nor carry or transport on board any flammable items, chemical bottles or containers.
You must not attach or tie or otherwise fix anything to the external walls or roof of the Caravan for the purpose of storage or transportation.
All items / inclusions / accessories hired with the Caravan must be returned with the Caravan. No substitutions or replacements are accepted.
Any items found missing, damaged, broken or substituted for will be deducted from the Security Bond.

In the event of an accident involving the Caravan, you must notify us as soon as possible by emailing: darian@yarravalleyvans.com.au
You are responsible for making the report to the Police in the event of any accident, obtaining a copy of the report and forwarding to us as soon as possible.
You are responsible for obtaining the following details: Name, DOB, Address, Phone Numbers, Driving Licence details of any other drivers involved, the Registration Number, Make, Model and Colour of any other vehicles involved, the name and address details of any witnesses present at the time of accident.
In the event of an accident involving the Caravan all repair costs will be your responsibility and be liable to be deducted by us from the Security Bond and claimed from you in full by us. Where a third party is alleged to be at fault, all Security Bond monies will be retained by us until liability can be verified as determined by us or by any representative on our behalf.

You must inform us of a breakdown involving the mechanical or tow-able condition of the Caravan as soon as practicable.
If the Caravan were to break down or become unusable we cannot be held responsible for any expense, inconvenience, loss or damage incurred or suffered by you in consequence of a breakdown and you indemnify us for any claims that might be otherwise be liable to be made by you in relation thereto.
In the event of a breakdown, you remain responsible for the security and care of the Caravan at all times.

The Caravan will tow safely at all legal speeds in Australia. Any sign of shimmer or sway when towing the Caravan is an indication that either the Caravan is not loaded correctly or the tow vehicle is not adequate for the task. In this situation the driver should pull over as soon as it is safe to do so and redistribute the load in the trailer.
We are not responsible for any traffic infringements or fines or penalties incurred by you and relating in anyway to your use of the Caravan or the conduct of the driver in connection therewith.

The pull-out awning must not be left out in windy conditions, or when the Caravan is unattended. The awning poles are to remain attached to the van at all times.

Personal Items
You are solely responsible for the security of your personal effects stored or held in the Caravan. Any personal item/s that are left behind in the caravan at the end of the hire are to be collected from us, or we can post the item/s to your nominated address (postage costs are to be covered by the Hirer). Any personal item/s left in the van must be claimed within 30 days of the Booking End date, otherwise the personal item/s will be disposed of or donated to charity.

Personal Safety
A first aid kit is supplied with each Caravan. This is for emergency use. If the first aid kit is not returned the first aid kit becomes the property of the Hirer and a $50 replacement fee is charged.
A fire extinguisher is supplied with each Caravan. If the seal is broken or it is missing on return a fee of $50 will be charged.
A fire blanket is supplied with each Caravan. If the seal is broken or it is missing on return of the van a $25 replacement fee will apply.

Animals are not unless by prior written agreement and a $50.00 Pet Fee being paid. If the pet is inside the Caravan, a cleaning fee may be charged.

No Smoking is permitted in the Caravan or under awnings.
The Caravan must not be parked too close to any camp fire in case of smoke or ember damage. Any smoke smell including that from camp fires could result in a charge against your Security Bond.
The cost of rectifying any smoke damage will be deducted from the Security Bond.

The Caravan must be returned in a satisfactory condition and be in the same clean condition that it was in upon collection of the van
All kitchen items must be cleaned prior to return and the fridge emptied of food/drinks
All items borrowed, or hired, from us must be cleaned, packed up and returned
Any bird droppings or other material on the van and particularly the awning must be cleaned prior to return
Any mud on the exterior of the van must be cleaned prior to return

The Caravan MUST be returned in the same Clean Condition that is was in when collected from us, otherwise a cleaning fee will apply (the cleaning fee will range between $130 and $150 (excluding toilets) depending on the size of the caravan hired
If the caravan hired has a toilet (or a portable toilet is Hired from us), all waste material must be removed from the toilet cassette and the cassette must be washed out. Failure to do so will incur an additional charge of $50.
Do not use abrasive materials to clean any surface.
NO SOLVENTS OR CHEMICALS are to be used on any of our property. Light detergent solutions only!
The Caravan must not be taken through a car wash or be washed with a jet wash

Pick Up
If you don’t turn up at the agreed time, then we may deem that you are a “no show”.
If you are running late, please call or text us and we will try to accommodate you.

We don’t give refunds for early returns.
The Caravan must be returned at the agreed time to the pickup location, unless agreed otherwise.
Late returns, 2 hours after the agreed time, will incur additional charges calculated as the daily rate for each day late or part thereof.
Where your late return of the Caravan causes a loss or cost to us or to another Hirer, we reserve the right to claim our loss from you or to deduct our loss and any associated costs from the Security Bond.
If we need to recover the Caravan from a different location, then there is a charge of $150 / hour for our time in addition to any costs that we incur.

Condition Report & Inspections
At pick up of the Caravan we will carry out an inspection of the Caravan and document same in the Condition Report whilst in your presence. Upon approval of the Condition Report by the Hirer both parties will sign, after which we will provide a signed duplicate copy.
Within 7 days of drop-off we will:
Inspect the interior and exterior of the Caravan and compare its condition to that contained in the Condition Report and agreed between the parties at the Hire Commencement date.
Inspect the inventory to ensure that all items are accounted for and in good repair.
If the condition of the Caravan is not in accordance with the Condition Report, or some of the items on the inventory are missing or damaged we may deduct from the security deposit an amount estimated to restore the Caravan to its pre-hire commencement date condition.

Unauthorised & Prohibited Use
The following persons must not drive of tow the Caravan:

Any person under the age of 25, or over the age of 75
Any person who is not identified on the hire agreement
Any person who’s blood alcohol concentration exceeds the lawful percentage
Any person who is unlicensed or who’s driver’s licence has been cancelled, suspended or disqualified
Any person who is under the influence of legal or illicit drugs
Any person who holds a learner’s permit, Provisional or a Probationary Driver’s licence
All insurance cover will be void if any of the above terms are breached.

Force Majeure
You agree and acknowledge that, without prescribing any limit thereto, Acts of God, riots, civil unrest, road closures, mechanical failure and breakdown and the contact of other Hirers are some of the matters beyond our immediate or effective control and which may affect our ability to satisfy your booking or the specific requirements of this Hire: in such circumstances you agree to hold us harmless and you do thereby indemnify us from any claim that you or any person on your behalf might otherwise make against us for any consequential loss or damage arising therefrom.

You shall indemnify and keep indemnified us from and against all claims, loss, damages and expenses whatsoever, incurred directly or indirectly by reason of any breach of this Agreement, negligence, malicious or tortious act or other wrongdoing by you or a person occupying using or operating the Caravan and without limiting the foregoing, you shall indemnify us for:
All damage to or loss of the Caravan howsoever arising to the extent to which the same is not recoverable under any policy or insurance or on account of any act or omission or breach of this agreement by you or any act or omission of a person operating using or occupying the Caravan except to the extent caused or contributed by the owner.
Injury to or death of any person and damage to any property and all claims, damages, losses and expenses howsoever arising from or incidental to the possession, use, operation or towing of the Caravan except to the extent caused or contributed by the owner.

In these Terms and Conditions and in this Caravan & Camper Trailer Hire Agreement, where the context permits, reference to:
“this Agreement” means the within Agreement as completed to by all parties
“you” or “your” means the person or persons whose details are contained under the Hirer Details of this Agreement as the Hirer
“we” or “our” or “us” means the owner of the van
“the Hire” or “this Hire” means the relationship between you and us as set out in and regulated by this Agreement and, where the context permits, the use by you of the goods
“no show” means your failure to attend at our premises on the designated date and time shown herein as the Pick-up Date for the purpose of commencing the Hire or such other circumstance that prevent the Hire commencing and involving your failure to comply or satisfy any of these terms and conditions
“driver” or “drivers” means you and any person whom you authorise or permit (or propose to authorise or permit) to drive or control, or who is driving or controlling, a vehicle which is towing the camper trailer hired to you by us to which our camper trailer is connected for the purpose of being towed and includes any person who is manoeuvring the camper trailer hired to you manually or by some other means other than by the use of a towing vehicle
“driver” means a driver who complies with and satisfies any limitations or restrictions or conditions imposed by us under this Agreement
“towing vehicle” means any vehicle used or proposed to be used in connection with or for the purpose of towing the camper trailer hired to you
“period of hire” means the period commencing the Pick Up Date and ending the Drop Off Date
Where two or more persons are shown herein as the Hirer, their liability hereunder is both joint and several.