Wait! What Weight?

It is your responsibility to ensure that your vehicle is capable of towing our vans safely.  Towing capacity and trailer weights are not something that you can ignore or accept that close enough is good enough.  Please read the following section and ensure that you are familiar with the capabilities of your tow vehicle.

Ball Weight

Ball weight is the amount of weight that the caravan will put on the tow ball of your car.  Each car has a maximum ball weight that it can support, it is critical that you do not exceed this.  Do not think that near enough is good enough.  If you exceed the recommended ball weight you will not only damage your car but also our vans.


ATM is the total weight of the caravan, all of its contents (food, clothes, bedding, etc) and the water in the water tank.  Like Ball Weight, each car will have a towing weight limit, this must be more than the ATM of the van. It is essential that you do not exceed the rated towing capacity of your vehicle as this is illegal and will void all insurances.

If you are unsure of the towing capacity of your car, you should be able to find this in your owner's manual or if in doubt your local dealer will also be able to help.  Do not confuse this with Gross Weight or Tare Weight of the caravan, these are totally different weights and academic use only.

But Weight, I need to know more...

If you are unsure of the ball weight that your car can tow then check your owner's manual or call your local dealer.  There is also a good online resource at https://towingcapacity.org.

There is a great article on weights over at Caravan World and another great resource over at the RACQ.

Can I take my bikes with me?

It depends, our 14.44-4 has bike racks that will carry 2 bikes and the Jayco Flamingo MY16 has roof racks that will take roof rack bike racks if you have them.  Under no circumstances should you carry bikes inside the vans.

Do I need to clean the caravan/camper trailer before returning?

No.  To make things easier on everyone, we clean the vans ourselves when they are returned.  You can end your holiday relaxed and we can ensure that the vans are cleaned to our high standards.  There is a small fee for this.

How long will the gas last?

A full bottle of gas will last about 2 weeks.

How does the fridge work?

All of our vans are equipped with fridges.  When plugged into 240v power the fridge will use electricity.  If there is no mains power then the fridge can run on gas or in some cases battery.  If your car has an Anderson plug then the fridge will also run whilst you are driving. You must never use the fridge on the gas setting while towing the van.  When the fridge is turned off it acts like a large esky, your food will remain safe and cold for many hours before you need to turn the fridge on again. For the fridge to work effectively the van must be level (and for a good nights sleep).  Spirit levels are supplied to help you get everything just right.

All of our vans except the 14.44-4 have evaporative fridges.  These fridges are totally silent but take 4-5 hours to cool down and work best when the fridge side of the van is in the shade.  The 14.44-4 has a compressor fridge.  This fridge makes a small amount of noise but cools down in under an hour and copes with extreme heat much better.  As the 14.44-4's fridge runs solely on electricity, if you are not plugged into the mains, it is important to get a couple of hours of direct sun on the solar panels each day.

Why do I need a battery?

When camping in a caravan park, you don't.  However when free camping, bush camping or saving some cash by camping in an unpowered site at a caravan park, then a battery is essential.  The battery will run all the electrical items in the van except the air conditioner, the microwave and the electric hot plate.

How long will the battery last?

The battery will last at least a week without charging, maybe even 2 weeks if you are careful.  The battery will charge itself automatically whenever the caravan/camper trailer is connected to 240v power.  Our  14.44-4 caravan has solar panels fitted that constantly top up the battery.

What works when not connected to 240v?

Everything except the heating/aircon, the microwave and the electric hot plate.

I have never used a caravan or camper trailer. How will I know how to set it up?

We take you through a full handover of your chosen caravan/camper trailer when you pick it up. Written instructions for set up and pack up are also provided. There is also an excellent Jayco video on YouTube showing the setup/pack up process for their camper trailers.

Doesn't setting up a camper trailer take hours?

No, complete set up of a camper trailer only takes 1 person about 30 minutes.

Can we view the vans?

Yes. We encourage you to view our vans. We want to ensure that you hire the best van to suit your requirements. We are happy to talk through the advantages of the camper trailers vs the caravans and to discuss other aspects of caravanning to ensure you have a great holiday.

When can I pick up and return the van?

We don't have set pick up and drop off times. We work out a mutually agreeable time with you to suit your holiday plans.

Do I need to organise insurance?

No, All of our caravans and camper trailers have a fully comprehensive Australia wide insurance policy and the cost of this is included in your hire cost.

Do we have to pay a bond on the van?

Yes, the bond payable is $1,000 which can be paid by direct debit or cash on the day you pick up your van and is refundable by bank transfer within 7 days of return of the van, subject to adherence to the terms and conditions of your hire.

What happens if something goes wrong?

We supply full contact details as part of the hand over process.  If there is an issue with the van our priorities are, firstly your safety, secondly to get you back on the road as soon as possible.  Typically we will arrange for the issue to be addressed by a repair agent close to where you are, if not have someone come out to you.

What happens if I damage the van?

First off you must tell us straight away, not only so that we can ensure that the van is still safe to use but also so that we can start the repair process.  Parts usually need to be ordered in and when we have vans booked back to back it leaves us little time for us to get the repair completed.  We make every effort to minimise the repair costs and whilst the cost of repairs is deducted from your bond we rarely have instances where additional payment is required.

Can I take my pet with me?

We love pets, however, pets are not allowed in our caravans or camper trailers.

If you would like to take your pet on holidays with you, it must sleep either in your car or outside. Our dog loves to sleep under our caravans! If you plan to take your pet with you, you must notify us at the time of booking and your pet will have to remain outside the van at all times or you may forfeit your bond.

 But wait! I have more questions?

No problem, just leave us your details on the contact form on this site and we will call you back as soon as possible.