Starcraft 17.58-1 (So Easy!)

ATM: 2000 kg
Ball weight: 116 kg
Battery: Yes
Sleeps: 5 (double + 3 bunks)
Bike Rack: Yes
Air Conditioner / Heating: Both

3 way Fridge/Freezer, Microwave, Stove & Grill

Fully equipped kitchen with tableware, cutlery, utensils and cookware.

This van is the ultimate lazy person's van.  Nothing to fold out, nothing to wind up.  Simply park, unhitch, drop the feet, pop the top and open your well-earned beverage of choice.  There's so much easily accessible storage that you'll be packing the kitchen sink, though you don't need to as it has a perfectly good one . 🙂

Sleeps 5 in comfort with a double bed and 3 bunk beds, 6 if you put the dining table down.

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